AHAPN In Brief

The Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria (AHAPN) a Technical arm of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria,(PSN), who practice in organized healthcare settings including Regulatory Agents & Administrative organs of government It endeavors to create an environment in which Pharmacists can focus on the full potential of their knowledge and expertise on patient care, drug management, hospital administration and management/registration for the general well-being of public health and effective service delivery.

Mission Statements

The mission of Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria is to present the interest of its members, providing leadership that will enable Pharmacists in organized healthcare settings to provide high-quality Pharmaceutical services that foster the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of drug use; contribute to programs and services that emphasized the health needs of the public and prevention/management of diseases, promote the welfare of its members and Pharmacy as an essential component of the healthcare delivery.





  1. Pharm. Kotun O.A.


  1. Pharm. Fagboyo R.F.

Vice Chairperson

  1. Pharm. Mbanugo C.N.


  1. Pharm. Ajibola T.O.

Assistant Secretary

  1. Pharm. Kehinde O.


  1. Pharm. Adedepo M.O.

Financial Secretary

  1. Pharm. Asen A.


  1. Pharm. Adedoyin B.M.

Welfare Officer

  1. Pharm. Awolola M.

Unofficial Member 1

  1. Pharm. Nwokoma O

Unofficial Member 2

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